Winter Weekend Box Review

March 14, 2019 - Home education, Reviews
Winter Weekend Box Review

Little S was chosen to review a winter themed Weekend Box recently. For those that haven’t heard of Weekend Box club, here’s what you need to know. Each Weekend Box is themed and contains four activities: something to make, something to bake, something green/to up-cycle and something to explore. You’ll also get everything you need in the box (except things you’ll definitely have in the house, like scissors).

The colourful box dropped through the letterbox addressed to Little S, she loves getting post so this was a perfect moment for her. She excitedly tore open the box and proceeded to route through, seeing what was inside. There were 4 little coloured paper bags, each labeled with a different character, some cardboard and an instruction booklet. Inside the box was printed a door hanger for Little S to colour in and a message from the Weekend Box Club.


The first activity we chose to do was Sammy Squirrel’s salted snowflakes. Little S used the glitter glue provided to trace the snowflake patterns. She then sprinkled (rather liberally) the salt over the top. Using the watercolour paint, she dripped orange paint on top of the salt and watched it spread. This activity was great for her fine motor skills.

Next was Wooster’s rocky road snow bites. Little S particularly enjoyed this activity. First she emptied the bag of white chocolate buttons into a bowl and I popped them into the microwave to melt. Next was bashing the biscuit with a spoon, which she then stirred into the melted chocolate before adding all the tiny marshmallows. The mixture made 4 mini bites that she set in the fridge before sprinkling with icing sugar.

Little S needed a bit more help with Oswald Owl’s activity. I cut out the shapes for the Pop Up Penguins, and folded the white card for their tummies. Little S used the sticky dots to put them all together. Then she added the goggly eyes. We practiced passing the shiny pebble between the penguins after learning that Male penguins give the smoothest, shiniest pebble they can find to their mate.

Hattie the hedgehog’s activity started off very simple. Fill the balloon provided with water, tie it and pop it into the freezer for 4 hours. At the end of the 4 hours we removed the balloon from the freezer, cut it and poured out the water that hadn’t frozen. Next we had to put the tealight into the hole in the ice ball. Only it wouldn’t fit. We left it to melt a little so that the opening would be large enough for the candle. Eventually we managed to push the tealight into the ice. There was melted ice everywhere! Now to light the candle to complete our Ice Tealight Holder. Unfortunately, the candle wouldn’t stay alight. So it wasn’t very successful.

Little S added a sticker to each of the activity pages as she completed them. She also enjoyed colouring in the door hanger on the inside of the box.

We have great fun with the weekend box activities, even the ones that don’t work out so well, and would recommend them to anyone with small craft loving children.

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*We were sent the winter weekend box free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts are our own.*



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