What a year!

January 25, 2016 - family, Home education, parenting
What a year!

This time last year the children were still in school. And they were miserable. The daily tears, the tummy aches, the sleepless nights and bad dreams. Since then a lot has changed. We made the decision to remove them from school permanently and educate them at home. It was a scary and exciting decision. The first few weeks we just breathed a massive sigh of relief, spent time together and met with other home educators.

It was wonderful watching the children learn to be children again. To let go of their stress and anxieties, and getting to know them and their interests.


Whilst they were in school we tried to fit things in to weekends and holidays, and invariably ran out of time. This year we’ve managed to do things we’ve wanted to do and even better, do them when everyone else was at school and it was quiet.

We’ve been to country parks, theme parks and swing parks. We’ve seen explosive science shows, and Steve Backshall. We’ve played in the snow, in the trees and in rivers. We’ve been to the library many, many times, and we’ve read book upon book.


We’ve woken up in the middle of the night to watch the moon turn red. We’ve cooked and hosted dinner parties. We’ve watched 1st hand the life cycle of a butterfly. We’ve welcomed a new cousin, two guinea pigs, and two dogs to the family. We also lost our dear Willow, the dog of my teen years, my parents dog.


We’ve made so many new friends of all ages. Spent hours and hours socialising. Real socialising, not half an hour in lunch break or the odd whisper during class. The sort of socialising when you spend hours running around together, playing, talking, inventing, creating, and truly mixing with others. We’ve been able to include Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles in the children’s education and spend quality time with them.

We’ve learnt so much, me included. We’ve learnt about animals, the Tudors, and the solar system. We’ve grown vegetables, and plants and learnt how to use them medicinally.
We’ve hand fed birds, and held snakes and spiders.¬†We’ve painted and drawn, made models and crafted. We’ve flown kites, baked, run, swam, coloured, climbed and decorated.


We have done so much and we are much happier. Of course we have off days and bad days, everyone does. On the whole though life is so much better for all of us. So here’s to never going back to school!

Happy Diaries

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Fantastic post!
It’s a lot of fun to review over the year and marvel at all the many adventures you’ve had.
It certainly sounds like you’re all enjoying exploring the opportunities of home ed.
Here’s to many more adventures this year!


What a great blog! I remember so well, big S screaming each and every time she was left at pre-school, or the phone calls from you, upset yourself telling me how terribly torn you felt leaving her there, and wondering if you were an awful mother. Then there were the tears because e had had meltdowns at school and had messed himself or run away, and r had come out of school crying, again, because she ‘hated it, no one liked her and she was stupid’. The tears were from you, “what sort of mummy am I to leave my children screaming because they dont want me to leave, or crying because they are so terribly unhappy, or knowing that my son isnt going to cope with the noise and ‘chaos’ that is a classroom full of 5 year olds?” R having such great concerns about what she should be eating because she didnt want to be fat, fat? 7 year olds shouldnt be worrying about things like this! And I as a grandparent shouldnt be getting upset that my beautiful, wonderful grandchildren are weighed down by so much stress and so many problems whilst they still have their milk teeth! Or comforting and reassuring my daughter, telling her that she is a wonderful mother and cares deeply about her kiddies.
This past year all of the children have blossomed. R who worried about everything she ate, where it came from, was it pure, was it going to poison her blood or make her fat has developed a keen interest in food, cooking, baking, and trying new things. She has been on 2 cooking courses, held a dinner party and no longer even thinks about her weight.
All of the children are so very much happier, free, running, exploring, tasting life and enjoying it. This is what it means to be a child. Well done mummy & daddy for making that brave decision to bring the children out of school and especially to mummy who has found so many wonderful ways for the children to absorb and thoroughly enjoy the learning journey, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of this amazing year of home educating.


Woohoo an amazing year at home, lovely to read! Here’s to the years ahead and all the adventures they may bring! X

The Anxious Dragon

What a great positive post. There has been a fair bit of negitivity in the press about home schooling in the last few weeks, but I have never heard anyone that is actually doing it say they regret it, it seems in every case the child thrives.Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries


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