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Snazaroo Weekend Box – A Review

One things my kids have always loved is a good face painting session, whether at home or at fetes and parties. So when we were offered the chance to review a Snazaroo Weekend Box we were really excited.

The box arrived in the post addressed directly to the children, which is a lovely feature. I mean, what child doesn’t like receiving post? The box is fun, colourful and easy to open, great for little hands.

Inside the box were two little face painting kits. The first came with a little brush, sponge and 3 coloured face paints. There were also 3 very easy to follow instructions on how to paint your face.

The second little kit contained 3 stampers and 3 more coloured face paints. The stampers worked so much better than I anticipated. The girls loved playing with the stampers and printing on each others faces. The cupcake was a particular favourite.

The Snazaroo Weekend Box also has a certificate printed on the inside that the children can colour, complete and cut out. The little kits are the perfect size to take out and about, and share with friends too. My only qualm was that coverage on a full face was a little patchy. That may have been down to technique rather than the Snazaroo paints themselves though.

All in all the children gave the Snazaroo Weekend Box a massive two thumbs up.



**We were sent the Snazaroo Weekend Box Free for the purpose of review, all thoughts are our own.**

Weekend box, review and freebie

This weekend the children received a Mini Weekend Box to review. They loved the colourful box and fun characters.

They were very excited to see what was inside.

They decided to do one craft each. S did a little gardening project, which was absolutely perfect for her. She needed a little help cutting the bottle and reading the instructions but the rest she did on her own. We’re now waiting to see what will grow.

Little S had a mask to make. She loved colouring it in and gluing, and I helped with all the cutting.

It took about half an hour to complete the box and then the children coloured in the certificate in the bottom of the box.

The boxes normally cost £4.95 each and are definitely worth the money. They’re the perfect Sunday afternoon activity for creative children. Little S is still running around with her mask on 3 days later!

Weekend boxes were founded to deliver inspirational, creative activities to busy families who love to spend time together. All boxes come with free delivery and fit through your letter box.
All weekend boxes are themed around topical events and the activities fit into one of four four categories.
-Something to make (arts and crafts)
-Something to bake (cooking activities)
-Something to explore (sensory exploration activities) and
-Something green (things to plant or up-cycle).

If you would like to pick up your free box go to www.weekendboxclub.com and enter code TANYA305 at the checkout.

*I received the mini weekend box free for the purpose of reviewing. All thoughts are my own.