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1000 hours outside challenge
Late last year I came across a post about the 1000 hours outside challenge. Thinking it sounded pretty good, I set a start date of January 1st to begin the [...]
A visit to Calshot RNLI
Friday morning a couple of friends popped round for a cuppa. Little S had made some cupcakes before they arrived to share. We had a nice chat and a [...]
A day in London part 2, Natural History Museum
On Wednesday the older girls and I spent the day in London. After the Youth for Music Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall we went to the Natural History [...]
An afternoon at Farmer Palmers
On Tuesday we enjoyed a visit to Farmer Palmers. I knew Little S would love it there because of all the animals she would see. Upon arrival the children [...]
A weekend camping on Brownsea Island
After a hiatus from blogging we’re kicking off with a smasher! We have just had a brilliant weekend camping on Brownsea Island in Dorset. Brownsea [...]
Spring or Winter: what’s with all the snow?
March has been a funny old month. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! Is it spring or winter? I don’t even think the weather can [...]
Just keep swimming
We have had a very wet week, and I don’t just mean the weather. (Although all the rain has created lots of muddy puddles, perfect for jumping in!) It [...]
A New Year and New Adventures
It seems hard to believe that it’s now 2018 and we’re entering into our 4th year of home educating. We are only 2 weeks in and we already have [...]
What is learning?
What is learning? This is question that I have been thinking about a bit recently. R said to me, “I dont think I do any learning, should I go to [...]
Following our interests, A visit to Sealife Weymouth
The way we home educate mostly involves us following the children’s interests. For E most of those interests revolve around fierce animals. [...]