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Just keep swimming

We have had a very wet week, and I don’t just mean the weather. (Although all the rain has created lots of muddy puddles, perfect for jumping in!) It seems that our lives have centred around the swimming pool this week. R went swimming Saturday on her own. She loves that little bit of independence, and I love watching her stride out in confidence. She makes new friends so easily, doting on smaller children and striking up conversations with older generations. As well as watching her ever improving swimming skills, she is far better than I.

Monday R had her weekly swimming lesson in the evening, and as we do most weeks, we popped over to see Nanny and Granddad beforehand. The little 2 and I took Poppy for a walk before R’s swimming. It was exceedingly muddy and shoes needed to go in the washing machine afterwards.

Wednesday R had a snorkelling lesson. Whilst she was there I took the younger 3 swimming in the small pool. Something I wouldn’t even have considered before E started his swimming lessons a few weeks ago. After we’d finished we got dressed and went up to the viewing room to wait for R to finish her lesson. She did really well completing levels 1-4. She already wants to do another lesson.

After swimming we drove to Granma and Granpa’s house and the children had some dinner and a play. Daddy picked the girls up on his way home from work and I headed back to the pool with E for his lesson. He asked for lessons a few weeks ago and we decided that private lessons would work best with his needs. He has completed 4 lessons out of a 5 week block and is really enjoying it. He has the whole pool to himself, just E and his teacher. They practice swimming for 20-25 minutes in a really gentle and relaxed way,  and then play for the remaining 5-10 minutes. It’s perfect for him.

So that’s our week. What has your week looked like? Has it had a “theme” like ours?


Today we decided to take the children swimming. I’d found out that a local pool had one of those giant inflatable obstacle courses which sounded like a lot of fun. I knew R would definitely enjoy it. So we headed out a bit after 11am with four very excited children.

Once we had changed, we all made our way to the beach pool and the kids played on the little slide. It’s a perfect size for small children, even little S can use it unaided. Then R spotted the giant inflatable, and dragged me off to go on with her.


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You had to leap on from the side of the pool, which was fun in itself. Trying to land safely on a slippery, wet bouncy castle, floating on top of a swimming pool, whilst trying not to fall off and to maintain some dignity was not easy. Then I had to make my way through the course whilst a life guard at the side of the pool threw water at me, and eventually climb a slippery ladder and slide down into the pool. 

It was fun, but I was quite conscious of the fact that I was slipping and sliding all over the place whilst in just my swimming costume with a large portion of my (very white) derrière on show!

R of course, thought it was fantastic and made me go on another 3 more times. She also managed to convince Daddy to have a go. 

E asked if he could have a go, but one of the safety rules stipulated that you had to be able to swim 25 metres unaided. So I said to him that once he was able to swim I would take him on, but that it might be a while as he would need practice. With that he ran off to grab a woggle (also known in our house as a noodle) and asked me to teach him to swim!

He held the woggle under his arms and swam about the pool kicking his legs, a grin like the Cheshire cat on his face. He was so proud of himself. 

Little S also showed off her skills, I pulled her around the pool as she held onto to a large float and kicked her legs. 

S eating a sausage roll in the car after swimming

It was really lovely to see the children happy and wanting to learn to swim. E hasn’t shown any interest in wanting to swim for a long time.

After swimming we popped to the shops, and the girls chose some new slippers to keep their toes warm though the winter. E got a new football and I picked up some new trainers in the sale and Daddy, well Daddy went home empty handed!