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A rare day of home educating at home!

It’s quite amusing that home education is so called as we are very rarely actually at home, and many others say the same. Monday we were at Moors Valley for a meet up, then went to Nanny’s house and R went swimming. Yesterday R was out for whole day at the Ancient Technology Centre with lots of home ed friends, whilst the rest of us went to our usual home ed group. So to have a whole day spent at home with no plans is quite novel.

The children were all awake between 7 and 8 and headed for their screen of choice to either play or watch something during breakfast. R spent the morning playing with online friends, listening to music and writing out song lyrics. The younger 3 played games and amused themselves which meant I was able to get on and do a bit of housework. The 2 littlest got out a maths set we were given yesterday and played with that for a while. At lunchtime a couple of my friends popped by for a cuppa and a chat.

After lunch we went to explore the field behind our house, the rape flowers are almost as tall as me. We took care to stay on the tractor tracks so as not to damage any plants, and a fab time. It was like a maze. The sun was shining and the children laughing.

After our walk we decided to do a little gardening, planting some foxgloves in the woodland and sowing some new seeds for the summer. The girls filled their own pots with compost and chose what seeds they wanted to sow from my seed box. By the time we had finished school had was over so the children wanted to play outside. We wandered up to the little park and played monsters/chase. S decided she wanted to do some more maths, and Little S helped me prepare dinner.

Once Daddy was home I went out for a nice quiet walk with Poppy and left the kiddies with him. Now it’s time for a cup of tea before crawling into bed. Tomorrow we are going Tomahawk throwing!

Puppies and snowmen

Saturday evening we surprised the children, we sat them all down in the evening and showed them a video of nine, 2 week old puppies. The children all looked up at us with wondering, excited faces. “How would you like one of those puppies?” we asked. R squealed with joy, “really?” We explained that the following afternoon, we would be going to choose one we would like to adopt. Of course, they still need their mummy so wouldn’t be coming home with us for a few weeks yet.

After lunch on Sunday we set off to meet our new family member. When we arrived 4 of the puppies had already been reserved. We’d already decided we wanted a little girl, so we were introduced to the available girls. After that we let the children decide which one they wanted. Thankfully they all chose the same, beautiful, sandy coloured puppy. Now we need to agree on a name ready for when she joins us in January!

This morning the children and I decided to get in the winter spirit and make snowmen. However there is a distinct lack of snow, so we made them out of old socks. I found some odd socks and cut off the foot from the ankle. We tied an elastic band around one end of the ankle part then turned it inside out. The children stuffed them with cotton wool balls and we popped another elastic band around the top. With yet another band we gave the snowman some shape, a smaller bit for its head and a large round for its tummy.

We glued on some goggley eyes and used glitter glue to decorate them. With the foot part of the sock we made little hats.

Lots of fun and a great way to use odd socks.