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Camp Bestival and the good ol’ British summer!

This summer we were really fortunate to win tickets for the six of us to go to Camp Bestival for the whole weekend, thanks to New Young Mum blog. The children were all very excited, as was I. We spent ages preparing what to take with us, I’m sure the girls packed half their toy boxes!

As the weekend approached it was clear that the weather was not going to be on our side and we were likely to get very muddy. Throwing the wellies and waterproofs into the car, we set off hoping for the best. Daddy was working so would be joining us a little later, meaning that I had the job of setting up a 6 man tent on my own.

When we arrived the children were all very helpful, carrying their belongings to an empty space. I have never been more thankful for our wagon, it was a long walk. Unfortunately the heavens opened just as I was getting the tent out. Upon seeing me battle with wind, rain and canvas, a helpful passerby lent a hand putting up the tent. I never even got her name, but if you’re reading this, you saved me from an epic struggle and probably a few curse words!

Once the tent was up we made a final trip to the car for our remaining items, and set about making the tent cosy. After a cup of tea I felt ready to take the children exploring. We had a  good walk round the site, getting to know the layout and making a list of all we hoped to fit in. We had a go on the helter skelter, watched the insect circus perform  and took obligatory photos in front of the “I love Camp Bestival” sign.

After good look around our tummies were rumbling so we headed back to our tent for some food, and to wait for daddy to arrive. Once Daddy was there we were ready to party! We showed Daddy around and went to the main stage to see Mark Ronson. R absolutely loved it. He played all her favourite songs, she loved the atmosphere and dancing in the rain. It all proved a little much for E and Little S, so Daddy took them back to the tent to tuck them in for the night.

Gig Selfie!

In the morning we woke up stiff, cold and damp, clearly we were meant to be fair weather campers! Still, we tried to make the best of it and made straight for the worlds biggest bouncy castle. As E had an accessible camping pass we were able to join the short queue to go on first. Even then we queued for almost an hour waiting for the bouncy castle to be given the green light to open. Just as we about to go on, having paid our fares, the heavens opened again. The bouncy castle was deemed too slippery in the rain to be safe and we were all turned away. This lead to a major meltdown from E, who until then had been coping relatively well.  The simple change of plans, completely out of his control was too much for him. Eventually after about an hour (and an ice cream) there was a tentative peace.

Next up were Mr Maker and Mr Tumble on the Castle Stage. The little girls were really excited to see them. Daddy chose to stay with them, whilst I took the older two to the sports park. There E made friends with a boy playing boomerang skittles, and R decided to chill out on the hammocks. We played a game of bean bags toss and enjoyed some crazy golf. After Mr Tumble had finished the others came to meet us for a quick play before lunch.

We had burgers in rolls for lunch, which started off well. That is until the rain which had been gentle, became torrential. Soggy bread rolls are not fun! We were soaked, cold and getting grumpy. The tentative lull from meltdown was becoming more like a volcano waiting to erupt. We discussed holding out for the rest of the day to see Madness play, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. The good ol’ British summer had got the best of us. We packed up and said goodbye to our brief time at Camp Bestival. It was time to go home and have a good hot bath and put on our jammies.

We ended up having to be pushed out of the mud in the car park, but not before someone had a cheeky barefoot dance in the mud! We are grateful to have experienced Camp Bestival but even more thankful to be home and dry.


Board games and festivals

This week we’ve spent a lot of time playing various board games, I got some of my old board games out of Granma’s loft too. I’ve taught E to play Othello, which appeals to his strategic mind. The girls have enjoyed playing Yahtzee and Bingo, great for their maths skills. S has also learnt how to play Tic Tac Toe and has been playing that on the chalk board.


Thursday R had her first piano lesson which she really enjoyed, her teacher showed her some YouTube videos that she can watch to help her. We also got my old keyboard out so she can practice.

Needs a lick of paint
Needs a lick of paint

We are working on a little volcano project at the moment, inspired by this months issue of Whizz Pop Bang science magazine.


Yesterday was our village festival, unfortunately it rained most of the day. Despite this we managed to have lots of fun. The younger girls made hare bread rolls, we watched a blacksmith making horseshoes, and saw old bikes. After having friends round for dinner we went back to the festival for the evening show. We watched a giant mechanical fire breathing chicken light the beacon and watched a fire performer too. After the show the children had a play with their friends and then it was home to bed.

Fire performer

Today we went to Nanny and Granddad’s for lunch, the little ones requested a little picnic in the garden. S was very excited to lose her first tooth. We played Lego, did colouring, puzzles, and watched tv together. This evening we made the most of the sunshine and the children played in the park. They rolled down the hill, covering themselves with the freshly cut grass, played “stuck in the mud”, a crocodile game and jumped in puddles.


They’re now all tucked up in bed, hopefully dreaming of all the adventures we can have this week.