Super blood moon

September 30, 2015 - Home education
Super blood moon

Sunday night was the night of the super blood moon or lunar eclipse. The children and I had talked about it a few days before, what it was and how it happened. We looked at a lunar eclipse in an encyclopedia and found pictures of previous ones online.
As we had no reason to get up early on Monday I asked them if they’d like to get up to see it. All 3 older ones said yes, so we set our alarm for 3am. R awoke and came into our room at midnight to ask if the moon was red yet, I think she was excited!
When my alarm went off, we put on our coats and snuck quietly out the front door. The moon was big, round and a gorgeous red, and the sky was completely void of clouds so we had a magnificent view of the stars. There were literally billions of them, we could even make out the Milky Way. We are in the countryside and the street lamps go off at night, so there was no light pollution to ruin our view.


Photo taken by Granpa

The children loved getting up in the middle of the night but we didn’t stay out long as it was quite chilly. We all went back to bed knowing that we could get up as late as we liked (or as late as the children allowed me to!)
It was a great educational experience and one I’m not sure we would have had if we had had to get up early for school on Monday morning.

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Even granma got up to see it! Would’ve been nice to have all seen it together though. Xxx


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