A day at Stonehenge

April 27, 2016 - Home education
A day at Stonehenge

Today we had a trip booked to visit Stonehenge with a group of other home educators. As R loves history I knew it would be more of interest to her than the others, although we all able to enjoy different parts of our day.


Once we had arrived we had time sit and eat our picnic before we went to see the stones. The children were quite excited to go on a bus from the visitor centre to the stones. It was really busy with visitors from all over the world.


After a short walk we stopped to learn about the henge, it is actually the trench around the stones and not the stones themselves that is the henge. We learned that the trench would have been dug with deer antlers, and we able to pass around an antler to look at.

We learned about the stones, how they were moved and about other aspects of the stone age. After we’d walked all around the stones we went over to look at the barrows.

We found out that a barrow was grave for an important person like a king or warrior, and their possessions. The barrows were built after the stones were placed, and from the bronze age. We looked at replica bronze age tools, weapons and pottery.


We then headed back to the bus and the visitor centre. At the visitor centre there is a small mock village of thatched cob houses. We were able to look in and around some of the houses, and find out all about them. R told me all about how cob houses are built.


The children all had a go at trying to pull one of the stones. They found out that each stone would require around 100 strong men to pull it long.


After lots of walking around, fresh air and learning the children were getting tired so we made our way home to make some curry for dinner.

One thought on “A day at Stonehenge


Sounds far more interesting than when we took you and bro when you were little. Then it was just the stones with no explanations of anything. (Obviously the barrows were there too!) To have a stone to try and pull and the little huts to explore helps to really bring history alive. Glad you all had a good day xx


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