Spring or Winter: what’s with all the snow?

March 23, 2018 - Home education
Spring or Winter: what’s with all the snow?

March has been a funny old month. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! Is it spring or winter? I don’t even think the weather can decide, snow, sun, rain, snow… Many of our plans have been changed or cancelled this month due to the unpredictable weather. And of course with the cold weather come the sniffles and poorly children.

With the first “beast from the east” the children were all really excited about the snow. Going out early to play in it. Sledging down the hill with friends (and most of the village it seemed), having snow ball fights and more. By the time the second lot of snow came a week later the children were¬†so over snow, full of colds and just wanted the warmth of spring to appear.

Little S has missed a few forest school sessions this month due to snow and having a nasty cough, but for the sessions she did manage to attend she thoroughly enjoyed herself. My washing machine is enjoying it less though, as she tends to come home covered head to toe in mud!

Poor R ended up with an overnight stay in hospital as her cold went to her chest and affected her asthma. An ambulance ride in the snow, 3 nebulizers and some steroids later and she was feeling much better.

Daddy went to Germany at the beginning of the month for a few days with work. He enjoyed it but missed the children lots and they him. He got home in the early hours of a Sunday morning, the first thing S did upon waking was call out for Daddy and run to find him. So sweet.

Yesterday Little S did a photoshoot for a new clothing company. She’ll be in the catalogue for their gender neutral children’s pyjamas. She had great fun posing and playing in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to seeing the final photographs.

Tomorrow, the girls and I are of to a clay pottery workshop. We’ll be making Japanese tea bowls. R loves all things oriental at the moment so will enjoy that aspect. Little S loves getting messy, so clay will be right up her street.

Next week we are heading to the New Forest Wildlife Park with a group of other home educators. I’m hoping for dry weather and no more snow! Although I’m sure it’ll be a fabulous day out regardless of the weather.

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