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Some days I think we don’t seem to have done much but then I look back at our week and see that we are always doing something. Even quiet days we talk a lot, which at this age is how they learn. They ask questions, so many questions! What’s this called? Why does that happen? What’s in there? Why? A lot of the time I know the answer but sometimes we have to look it up together. I’m learning all the time too.




S and I went for a walk to the shop and every time we saw a plant she asked the name and I told her, the next time we saw it I’d ask her to see if she remembered. She loves being in the garden and helping, she loves plants and flowers. She enjoys sowing seeds and watching them grow, planting veggies that we can eat and putting new plants in the garden that she can watch turn into beautiful flowers.


E loves asking questions about cars and trucks, sharks and snakes, about things that go fast and things that are big. Every night Daddy or I read to E, non-fiction books full of facts because that’s what he loves. He loves finding things out, he soaks it all up and remembers every bit. How big is that Dad? How fast does it go? Is it poisonous?


We’re always learning wherever we are. If we go for a walk, spend 4 hours running around in the woods or play in the park. When we’re at soft play with friends or out in the garden. When we go to the shops or visit grandparents, have a meal or bake cakes. When we look in a pond and ask “what’s that in there?”. When we’re painting, building with blocks or reading a book. All of these things and more we have done this past week. We love learning because learning is great.


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I can definitely vouch for the many,many questions! “how can these glasses help us to see and hear bats in the dark?” asks S as she picked up a pair of national geographic night vision glasses. Ummm…..”well, they help by….” “are these flowers safe to eat? Why are they safe/not safe?” and so on. Then there is the learning to build Lego walls that are strong by making sure the joints are not above each other & learning that this is the way our houses are made (except for the ones made with poo! Their faces were a picture when they learned all about wattle and daub!). So much learning, even when visiting Granma 🙂


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