Pizza, soft play and romans

January 16, 2016 - family

Living in the countryside it’s amazing how easy it is to clock up the miles driving from place to place. Tuesday we met up with some home ed friends at soft play in Blandford. 12 children (and a baby) playing together whilst the mums chatted and drank tea.
Wednesday Poppy had the vets for her first vaccinations and check up in Verwood and afterwards we went to Granma’s for a spot of lunch and a play.
Thursday the older girls had their swimming lessons in Ferndown.


Friday we were in Dorchester learning about and making pizza, afterwards we popped over to the skatepark for a run around.


R helping S put on her apron


Today R had her first session at the Youth Archeology Club in Salisbury. She was learning about Romans, making Roman masks and clay models. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and came out beaming. She’s looking forward to next month’s session and I’m thrilled that she’s found something she really enjoys.
160(ish) miles clocked up in just a few days! Although it’s not necessary to travel this much when educating your children at home, we do love getting out to different or new places, visiting people and exploring.

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Sounds like an exciting week!
I find that we can end up driving a lot too. All the groups and visits add up surprisingly fast.
But, sometimes the driving time can be really great. We have listened to some fantastic audio books together. And, my Eldest likes to have serious conversations in the car. I have come to value our time together in the car almost as much as the trips themselves.


    We have amazing conversations in the car


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