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Life without school
It is exactly two months since we began our home education journey. Overall we are a much calmer household and everyone gets along easier. These past two [...]
Daddy had the day off yesterday so after watching the end of the eclipse (we missed the beginning due to cloud) we packed a picnic and headed off to [...]
Highs and lows
This week has seen some very lovely days and also a very sad one. Thursday the girls went to Nanny and Granddad’s for the day as E had an appointment [...]
Spring is on the way
With spring well on the way we have lots of new activities to try, there are potatoes chitting, seeds have been sown, we’ve begun digging in [...]
Our home ed journey is wonderful. Today we have done a science experiment, E wanted to do explosions so we made a Bi-carb and vinegar “bomb”. [...]
Half Term
So last week all the local children were on half term. That didn’t make a lot of difference to us except that everywhere was so busy! We were [...]
Books, books and more books
One of my aims is to get the children excited about books. R used to spend hours hiding behind the sofa with a pile of books, that is, until she started [...]
busy busy busy
What a busy few days since my last blog. We met more fellow home schoolers at soft play and let the children burn off some energy. We’ve done lots of [...]
Snow day
Today we finally woke to snow, not much, but enough to play in. We were up, fed, dressed and ready to play in record time! After getting all cold outside [...]
week one completed!
So we’ve managed to complete our first week of home education. All four children are still alive so that’s a plus. We’ve learned some [...]