busy busy busy

What a busy few days since my last blog. We met more fellow home schoolers at soft play and let the children burn off some energy. We’ve done lots of cooking and baking and picture making. Swimming lessons, socialising and trampolining. We’ve bought lots of new books to help them learn to read, a book of classic stories by Dickins, Wilde and Shakespeare and some poetry too.

A quieter day today, R wants to learn about space and the planets. Tomorrow we’re off to the library and then seeing Nanny.
The children are so happy and getting on much better. It’s lovely to see them playing and hear all their laughter. We’ve lots of things planned in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Snow day

IMAG4039Today we finally wokeIMAG4055IMAG4057 IMAG4052to snow, not much, but eIMAG4043nough to play in. We were up, fed, dressed and ready to play in record time! After getting all cold outside we bought the snow in to do some experiments on it. First we springled on salt and watched it melt. We then got some food colouring to see what happens when added to the snow. We discovered that it doesn’t spread like it would in water but stayed in drops. When stirred the food colouring stayed in clumps for a long time but the colour did eventually spread to the rest of the snow. We found that red food colouring is stronger than green as we used twice as much green as red but the snow stayed an orangey red. We also noticed that the snow didn’t turn brown as paint would have if we’d mixed red and green.

We thought we’d stay with the snow theme and make a snow man out of Lego. A little challenging but we managed it.

E wanted to do something in the kitchen, so decided to make jelly. I gave him instructions and left him to it. He was very proud that he made it on his own.

week one completed!




IMAG4010So we’ve managed to complete our first week of home education. All four children are still alive so that’s a plus. We’ve learned some Russian by watching a Russian children’s cartoon on YouTube. We learned a little about special offers and savings in Morrisons. We’ve glued, painted, been covered in glitter, and coloured. There’s been wordsearches and dot-to-dots. We’ve baked and cooked, followed instructions and done fractions. We’ve constructed cars and houses. There were sword fights with sticks and dotty paintings on plates.¬†We’ve also had tears and wobbles as we try to adjust but after of all of this the children seem happier and giggle together. I hope our bond grows exponentially as we learn together.

a new adventure

So today we started a new adventure as a family. We are now home educating the children. We’ve talked about it over the years and now seemed like a good time. So far today we’ve learned a little Russian, done some biology, practiced reading, played Lego and done some maths in Morrison’s.
Tomorrow we are going to our 1st home ed group to meet others home ed children, do some cooking and some aboriginal inspired painting.