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A really lovely day
Two posts in two days is rare for me! After a really quiet week we’ve quite a productive (and sunny) day. S had her last day at preschool so is now [...]
A quiet week
Feel like we’ve had quite a quiet week. It’s been half term for school, which is nice for my children as they get to see their schooled friends [...]
Just how does one home educate?
Many times I’ve been how I home educate. Do I need a teaching qualification? Do I have to follow the national curriculum? Do I stick to school hours? [...]
Plants, sleepovers and chickens
We have had a really busy few days. R spent a couple of nights at Nannys getting lots of attention, shopping, baking, and being truly spoilt. We’ve [...]
A rainy week
It’s been a bit soggy here this week but we have managed to get out between rain showers. We went to home ed club on Tuesday where the children did [...]
Having fun
We’ve been so busy having fun I’ve forgotten to blog! We’ve done lots of baking and gardening, R made salt dough, moulded it, baked it [...]
Planting Seeds
Learning is a lot about planting seeds. Trying something new, seeing if it takes and grows. We’ve been collecting lots of resources, so on Saturday I [...]
Some days I think we don’t seem to have done much but then I look back at our week and see that we are always doing something. Even quiet days we [...]
Easter holidays
The schools are all off for Easter and like many other home educators we’ve sort of gone into hibernation! Everywhere gets busy when the schools are [...]
Life without school
It is exactly two months since we began our home education journey. Overall we are a much calmer household and everyone gets along easier. These past two [...]