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February 6, 2016 - family, parenting

Giving your child one to one time can be really difficult, especially when you have more than one child. Whether it’s work, the house, other children or your spouse. Whether they’re in school or educated at home, life is busy. I always try and make sure each and everyone of my children gets plenty of one to one time with me.
Sometimes we’ll bake a cake together or read a story, sometimes we’ll play a game or walk to the shop. But its always really lovely to get a good couple of hours alone when we can chat and have fun together.

Today whilst R went to youth archaeology club I took S out for a hot chocolate and a little shopping. It was wonderful spending time talking whilst eating a cheeky slice of cake. Holding her hand on the walk round to the shoe shop and helping her choose her new, pink shoes with a bunny on them.

Walking around the market together and her getting a free otter teddy from the man at the RSPB stand when I signed up as a member.
Hearing her giggle with shyness when she was offered a free slice of pizza by the lovely staff at Prezzos. Her sweet little voice as she told me how lucky she was to be so spoiled by mummy today.
Before we went to pick R up from her club we went into Salisbury Cathedral for a look around. We enjoyed seeing the Magna Carta and talking about quills. We had a wander around the shop and smelled the soaps to guess what scent they were and S picked a pink, rose scented one that she wanted to buy. She also found some quills on sale and S asked to buy one (she chose pink again).
She took her £1.50 to the desk with her soap and her quill and paid the lady, who then gave her 25 pence change. She looked up at the lady, smiled her sweetest smile and said “Thank you very much, have a nice day”. The lady smiled at me and we said goodbye.
Again S told me how lucky she was to have had such a lovely day even though it was very, very windy.
In just under two hours I’d given her a great day, lots of memories, a free teddy, a free slice of pizza, a hot chocolate, some cake, a new pair of shoes (that she desperately needed) and most importantly my undivided attention.

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What a truly lovely blog 🙂 so wonderful to hear how polite S is, as always, not an ounce of rudeness in her. Im glad you both had such an enjoyable time, 2 hours together yet achieving a whole days worth of wonderful times and memories. Xxx


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