Not back to school

September 5, 2015 - Home education

So the schools went back this week and everywhere suddenly went quiet. We had a very peaceful day at home Thursday. S asked to do some workbooks, a little maths and a little writing.


We baked a cake and topped it with fresh strawberries. We played card games, and hide and seek, we read books, and ran around outside. It was a really lovely day.


Over the last couple of weeks R achieved 2 certificates in swimming. Her 25 metre rainbow award and she completed stage 5 and has moved up a level. Her butterfly this week was particularly impressive.


We enjoyed our first Not Back To School picnic with a local home ed group. We flew a kite, played, hunted for bugs and blew bubbles. A lovely way to settle back in to our after the summer break.


Yesterday we went to Moors Valley for a “short” play and ended up staying over 4 hours! Poor Granma was exhausted. The children all made new friends on the adventure trail and didn’t want to leave.
All in all a lovely way to ease into the autumn term.

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Granma was indeed exhausted! I’m glad there were places to sit! It was good to see the children climbing, running around and exploring the forest, even little s. S became extremely fond of a stick and some old pine needles, I look forward to seeing what becomes of them. We played ‘eye spy’ and ‘when I went shopping’ on the journey home and learned that both R and S have very good memories as our ‘shopping basket’ became very full with all the things we bought. Mummy’s memory turned out to be the best though with granma’s not fairing too well (no surprise there!)


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