My brave boy

September 23, 2015 - family, parenting

Yesterday E went to hospital to have teeth removed under general anesthetic. I wasn’t worried about him having the procedure but I was quite nervous about how he would react when there. He’s had trouble with his teeth for a few months now, despite being really good at cleaning them and eating a good diet. The last few times he’s been to the dentist he’ has just curled up in the dental chair and grunted, refusing to let anyone near him. It was for this reason that we decided to have him looked at whilst he was asleep.

I’d discussed with E what was going to happen on the day and apart from knowing he would be unable to have breakfast he seemed OK about it. We were up and out the house by 7am and arrived in plenty of time so we didn’t have to rush and feel stressed before we had even got there. E had been to the ward last month for his pre-op assessment and to meet the nurses to try and help him feel a little easier about it. When we arrived we were shown to E’s bed and made ourselves comfy. It was really quiet and we had a whole 4-bed bay to ourselves.

The nurse came round to talk to E, put on his name bands and the ‘magic cream’ on his hands. E refused to talk or make eye contact with the nurse and tried to fight her off when she attempted to put on his name bands. He curled up in a ball and wouldn’t talk to anyone. After about half an hour, lots of gentle coaxing and patience we managed to get the bands and cream on him, although he wasn’t happy about and kept trying to pull them off. It was at this point that it was decided that a pre-med/sedative would be needed in order to do anything else.

The pre-med kicked in quite quickly and E became much more relaxed. It was interesting watch, it was like seeing someone get drunk really, really quickly. He started off with a little drunken grin, then his head seemed to get too heavy for him to hold upright. He started trying to get up but couldn’t control his limbs properly and kept face planting the bed, and almost diving head first off the end. I had to keep trying to get him to lie down, eventually he just became sleepy. It was then time for me to carry him through to theatre.

2015-09-22 08.46.43

I sat on a stall with him on my knee while the anesthetist put the canula in his hand, even though E was sedated he still tried to fight them off a little. In went the general anesthetic, he went limp almost immediately, and was whisked off my knee and placed on the bed and oxygen mask put on. His eyes were half open and he was drooling slightly, it was a strange thing to see. I left the room and went back to the bay to wait for him.

It was so peaceful in there I used the time to catch up on Twitter, Facebook and my emails and then read my book. Just before 10 a nurse came to let me know that E was heading to recovery, 4 teeth lighter but having had a really good examination and x-rays taken.

2015-09-22 10.15.46

My sleepy little man

When he came round he cried quite a lot, and kept saying he felt sick. It was 3 hours, a chocolate milkshake and half a muffin later when were allowed to leave and head home. E was sick on the way (thank goodness for the cardboard sick bowl I was given when we left) but once home he had a sandwich and chilled out on the sofa. By 4pm he was desperate to go out and play with his friends, but I was very “mean” and made him stay in to recover fully.

I think he coped very well in an unfamiliar place, with people he didn’t know and a very strange experience. I am very proud of my little man.


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Granma is very proud too as is granpa. He did very well, it really isn’t a nice experience for anyone, yet alone a 6 year old.
I remember his mummy going in for her first general anesthetic at the same age. Hers was because her tonsils and adenoids needed to come out. I remember going down to theatre with her and her counting backwards. Then the anesthetist said “she’s gone”. I looked at my little girl laying there, motionless with eyes open but with a ‘far away’ look and for a moment thought he meant that she had died! Then the shock passed and the realisation that she was just asleep dawned. I asked if it was normal for eyes to be open and was told “perfectly ” and that they would close them before proceeding and not to worry.
The relief when it was all done was immense.


Aww what a brave boy! So proud of my nephew xx


ah bless him, he is a brave boy! I’ve never had general anaesthetic or seen anyone have it but I’ve heard it’s a bit like being drunk! x


Bless him. Hopefully he’s feeling better today x


Ah bless him, my daughter had 5 teeth out under general a couple of years back and she screamed for a solid hour when she came round, it was awful. Glad his experience was a little better and hope he is fully recovered now x

angela hamilton

What a brave little man he is.
Being honest? If that was me I would have been screaming blue murder so he is a lot braver than I am.
Typical child wanting to go out and play, they deal with things so much better

Jen Walshaw

Well done to both of you. I can imagine as a Mum it must have been hard for you too. I am glad that they were gentle with him


Awww bless him, seeing your child going for an operation is the worst experience. Why did he have to have teeth removed?


    3 of his teeth had holes in and he had an abcess.


Oh, goodness, I watched Jamie’s sugar rush this week and was horrified at the operating theater scenes, especially when they did show a little boy as well. I hope your brave little man is on the mend.xx

Kate Williams

Oh the poor little dude! Sounds like you both did really well, hope he’s feeling much better now.

Donna @OrdCyclingGirl

Brave little boy. I hope he’s on the mend now.


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