Marble runs and baking 

November 22, 2015 - family, Home education, parenting

This week the children have enjoyed making a marble run at home ed club with the other children, playing with Hama beads and meeting an eight week old puppy. We’ve had our usual swimming lessons and seen family too.

We’ve done lots of baking, Little S making some scones on Saturday. Some sweet raisin scones and some cheese and chive ones. She did all the mixing of ingredients, rolling and cutting on her own. Not bad for a two year old!

S and Little S made some cupcakes, and R made some ginger biscuits. I do very little when the children are baking, supervising and the odd bit of directing. I can imagine us having a family bakery one day with all the practice they have.


Today E made a scrumptious chocolate cake, although I did get distracted and left it in the oven a couple of minutes too long. Extra crispy is good, right?!

S has enjoyed practising her writing and sounds with her Alphablocks workbooks and playing on Monster Maths. She has surprised me with her ability to calculate numbers quickly and in different ways. She is able to make 11-14 by adding or subtracting a variety of numbers. For example she knows that 6+5=11 but so does 15-4 and 3+8.

R came to me the other day and asked me to give her some maths homework. It’s wonderful to see that her love of learning has returned. I wrote out various sums for her and we found some worksheets that she wanted to do, word searches, Lego maths and spot the difference.


We also enjoyed going to moors valley, we’ve not been for a few weeks. Thankfully the sun was shining although it was a bit chilly. After some time playing and going to see the swans I treated them to a drink and a snack in the cafe. One perk of having a parking pass is that I also get 10% discount there.

Saturday morning Daddy and R went into Salisbury to do a little shopping and have time together. They were planning on going to a cafe for a hot chocolate but ended up in Burger King for brunch! R chose to buy a gift for each of her siblings (and of course a little something for herself) in Poundland.

Today I spent the day finishing off redecorating E’s bedroom. All that’s left is to hang the curtains once the paint is dry and maybe look for a rug for him. He was chuffed when he saw it, beaming from ear to ear.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to Aunty A and baby N coming round for lunch and some play time.

3 thoughts on “Marble runs and baking 


Sounds like granma has lots of edible treats to look forward too ;o)
R’s time out with daddy sounds lovely, how kind of R to think of her siblings and buy them a gift each, she is such a sweetie, as they all are.
E will thoroughly enjoy his new spiderman bedroom, his little face saying it all!
No doubt S will tell me all about her maths when I see her later in the week. Xxx

Let kids be kids

Sounds like a good week. baking is fab and we love visiting Moors valley when we are down that way a few times a year. Impressive scone making!
Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


Such a wonderful week! I just love all of the baking. Kids cooking in the kitchen is so much fun. #LetKidsBeKids


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