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July 5, 2015 - Uncategorized

I love finding new ways to help the children enjoy learning. Using their favourite things and making them educational. For E he loves Warhammer and he loves playing on the computer. To incorporate this to his learning we’ve passworded the computer, when he wants to go on he has to spell the password. We’re starting with Warhammer words, this week’s word is Necron. Once he knows how to spell it we move on to a new word, he wants to be able to spell Space Marine next. While these may not be conventional early spelling words they will help him learn sounds and blending. It seems to be really working for him and he is teaching R how to spell them too.


R loves Minecraft and when you love Minecraft the learning is endless. There is so much you can do and I have found so much online, Pinterest is particularly helpful. I could do a whole curriculum on Minecraft alone. We’ve been designing our own t-shirts this week so of course R chose a Minecraft design. We can use Minecraft to help with maths, English, science and art and she enjoys it and wants to do more. I went to the library and picked her up a book about Minecraft and she was so excited, more excited than she ever was about phonics reading books.


We’ve enjoyed meeting new people this week and exploring new places. They can stay up a little later and enjoy the longer summer evenings because we don’t have to worry about waking early. They have a freedom now that they didn’t have when they were in school. They’re free to learn at their own pace through the things they enjoy with someone who loves them dearly as their guide and mentor.


As they grow and their interests change their education can grow and change with them. The amazing thing about home education is that we can tailor their education to suit them.

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I love that they can learn at their own pace, and the subjects that inspire them the most. It is great to see them take an interest in what they’re learning. Before, when they were conventionally schooled, I’d say “what have you done today?” they nearly always replied “nothing”! (although we knew that this wasn’t the case). Now when asked the same question regarding a home schooling meeting or a day just with mummy the answer is full of excited recounts of all the things they have done, from work books to games, and bug hunting to cooking, Romans to Russians and so very much more! I am convinced that the children when grown will all look back on their childhoods of a time of wonder, freedom, fun and laughter and will tell their own children stories of how they learned about the iron age by living it for a day or made and tried sushi with chopsticks whilst learning about Japan. A magical time for them all :o)

Mum in a Nutshell

What a fantastic idea! My boys loved Minecraft too but I never thought to incorporate it into any learning. That password top is bloomin brilliant.

Mrs Tubbs

We missed out on Minecraft, but it’s a brilliant idea that can be adapted for some of the other games.


How are you making your tshirts? Megan would love this!


    They drew a picture I scanned it into the pc and then printed it onto transfer paper then you iron onto a tshirt


Beautiful description


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