Two weeks of “home school” bliss

September 21, 2015 - Home education
Two weeks of “home school” bliss

What an amazing two weeks we’ve had. Picnics, pond dipping, days out, playing with friends, baking, craft, history, reading and much more! We’ve been so busy, learned loads and had fun too.


We went to a “Not back to school” picnic last Monday, played in the park and splashed in the river, seeing old friends and making some new ones. Home ed club Tuesday, where we caught up friends we’ve not seen over the summer, did experimental baking and made lemonade.


Wednesday saw us on an amazing trip to Longleat Safari Park.
We had a wonderful picnic in the park with Aunty A and baby N on Thursday, the children all took their scooters to the skate park.
We had lots of learning fun on Friday playing Monopoly, the shopping game and other games too.


Saturday we headed out with friends to Wilton House. It was amazing, the adventure park there was something else. We loved walking through the water gardens and exploring all the secret paths. We also reviewed the Head over heels about Gymnastics books, and spent lots of time doing handstands and cartwheels.


Monday we learned about Henry the 8th and his 6 wives (and their fates), what his children were like and their rules as monarchs. We then made a Tudor style house out of cardboard boxes, we painted the windows with glow in the dark paint so they looked lit up at night time. At 8 in the evening R was doing a science workbook learning about plant life.


Tuesday we spent the morning perfecting our salt dough recipe. R made a Minecraft ornament and we made necklaces too. In the afternoon we went to Nanny’s house to play and then the girls had their swimming lessons.
Wednesday we decorated our baked salt dough ornaments, baked cakes and made ginger biscuits. The children are getting quite proficient at baking with minimal help now. In the afternoon C next door popped in to try the cakes and have a cup of tea. Then she took E back with her to play there for an hour.
On Thursday we went to see Granma and Granpa and have lunch there. As Granpa is normally at work when we go to their house it’s a real treat to see him and the children all love spending time with him, playing computer games, Lego or make believe games.
Friday we went Pond Dipping at Avon Heath Country Park with some other home educators.


This weekend we’ve spent time with cousins, and friends, helped out in the garden painting fences and pruning trees, riding bikes, scooters and rollerskates.


It’s been really lovely watching the children learning, having fun and enjoying their childhoods.

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Mrs R

Wow! What a busy two weeks you have all had! it’s amazing what can be fitted in to such a short space of time!
I think it sounds much more fun than learning the ‘traditional’ way.

Random Musings

Home schooling sounds like so much fun! Way more interesting than school 🙂

Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


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