Half Term

February 24, 2015 - Uncategorized

IMAG4171So last week all the local children were on half term. That didn’t make a lot of difference to us except that everywhere was so busy! We were supposed to meet up with a couple of other home ed families at Moors Valley but it was so busy the car park was full and we were turned away. Instead the children and I decided to go to Avon Heath Country Park, even that was heaving but we managed to park down the road and walk in. The older girls loved playing with other children in the woods and making dens while E and little S played in the park. We had a lovely picnic and then headed to the visitor centre which has been redone since my last visit and was amazing. The children got see animals skulls, a stuffed owl, a stag beetle and lots of other things. There were buttons to press to listen to different bird song, a camera that they could move to look through the woods and at the bee hive, and also computers and puzzles. We had a really great time and will definitely be returning when other children are at school and it’s a little quieter.

We’ve also made a cardboard box castle, made a trampoline in the living room out of cushions and quilts, sown lots of seeds, been to the swing park, visited family and played with cousins, done maths and looked at the organs of the body. We spent a little time looking at space and the planets and with almost perfect timing both Mars and Venus were visible just below the moon one evening. We even got see Orion and the Big Dipper, the children would now like to take a closer look at the constellations.IMAG4188

I’ve come to the conclusion that any calories I may have burned off with all the extra running around I’m doing will be gained with all the cakes the children keep baking. R made a particularly nice ginger cake yesterday, S made some Peppa Pig cupcakes Monday¬†and E wants to make a lemon cake. I’m hopeful that I can get them cooking more savoury foods before long.IMAG4219

Today we went to home ed club, which was all Dr Seuss themed. The children made Cat in the Hat cakes and played with Gloopey Gloop. They did knitting, played Minecraft on the Xbox, ran around (a lot) climbed trees, played cars and Duplo, did lots of socialising with children from 5 months to 14 years old and all this before lunch. Then it was home for a while before dinner and swimming lessons. S is 97% through stage 1 so should complete that next week and R’s front crawl is improving, her backstroke is magnificent and she is learning to dive.



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siovon rowden

I love reading and hearing about all the things the children are learning. But best of all I love that the children are happier, getting along with each other better and progressing with their reading, writing and maths more than ever before. Hearing them ask to ‘do maths’ or saying ‘can we read…together’ is wonderful. On top of this E has gained weight and is socialising and coping with situations better. The changes are not just noticeable they are dramatic. Well done mummy :o)


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