Grey skies and rainbows

November 25, 2015 - Home education, parenting

Last night we left R at Nanny’s after swimming for a double sleepover. I know she’ll love it, lots of attention and plenty of spoiling too. This does mean though, that we are a child down at home. It’s amazing how much quieter it seems, I mean, there are still 3 small children charging around.

We started the morning with cuddles on the sofa, breakfast and tea. Then a little play time before icing biscuits in the kitchen. This is a great, easy activity that I can leave them doing whilst I tidy up. Today they turned the simple digestive biscuit into ferocious monsters! 

Over lunch they watched Curious George. A mischievous little monkey who likes to explore. In one episode he was learning about rainbows, and making his own. After lunch we headed out to a swing park and on the way two magnificent rainbows filled the sky. Awesome timing, as we got to talk about the earlier cartoon and how rainbows are formed. 

Unfortunately the park was a bit of a wash out but we did find a little rat running about by the river. As it was too wet for the park we headed to Pets at Home to look at the fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, degu and hamsters. We bought a new hide out for Max and Nibbles, our guinea pigs, too.

Then we decided to treat ourselves to a drink in Tesco cafe before embarking of the chore of grocery shopping. We spent a while there, the children enjoyed people watching, chatting and a spot of colouring. 

This evening I’m off to spend some time with my mum, Aunty A and her mum. Daddy will be left watching the small ones, although I’m sure he won’t mind, as once they’re in bed he can have some peace himself and play on the pc. 

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I love looking around Pets at Home, a great way to entertain children too 🙂 Love their biscuits, they look really good!
Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


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