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July 12, 2015 - Uncategorized

The thing I love most about home educating the children is the freedom they have. Freedom to play, freedom to explore and freedom to learn. The children all have their own interests and hobbies and they have the time to develop these. E, as I’ve mentioned before, loves Warhammer. This week he and Daddy played a battle with E’s figures. Daddy taught him some of the basic rules and that to make your move you must roll dice first. This gave Daddy the chance to do a little maths with E and it didn’t feel like learning because it was just part of the game.
I’ve been doing lots of reading with the children this week. With E I have been reading a book by Steve Backshall all about bugs. E loves wildlife, especially the deadly variety, so we get to snuggle together at bedtime with a cup of milk and learn about wasps, praying mantis, giant stick instects and much more.


With R I have been reading a book about ancient Greece. She loves history and historical buildings. We visited Portland castle last week and learnt a lot there. This led to discussions about Henry VIII and his many wives, and about Tudor times. The last few nights she’s taken a historical book to bed with her to read before she goes to sleep.


S loves reading and read her favourite Biff, Chip and Kipper book to daddy this week without help. She always chooses a book or two for bedtime and likes to learn a new word from each of them. She remembers the word and then recites it every time it appears in the book.
It’s great how they all have the freedom to learn at their own pace in ways they enjoy.

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The library reading challenge started yesterday, we are going to sign up next week. This years theme is world records.


S also learned the word/name ‘Bernard’ when we read the book ‘not now Bernard ‘. We discussed how it isn’t nice to ignore someone, even when we are busy, as Bernards parents did with him, but that we should ask the person nicely if they can wait for a moment. S was quite concerned that Bernards parents didn’t even notice that he had been eaten by a monster! S assured me that this was just a story and he hadn’t really been eaten :o). Every page we turned, S looked for the word ‘Bernard’ and read it out. We giggled lots as we read together. :oD


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