DC Super Hero Girls Review and Giveaway

April 25, 2016 - Competitions/Giveaway, family
DC Super Hero Girls Review and Giveaway

Having four children I’ve often been subjected to watched many, many different children’s TV programmes. Some I’ve loved and others I’ve loathed. Now the children are getting a little older I’m enjoying more of what they’re interested in. When I was asked to review the new DC Super Hero Girls from Warner Brothers, I thought it sounded great and was looking forward to sharing it with my children (being a bit of a geek I love all things super hero!).
I sat down with R to watch and we were both impressed; it’s not just for girls either, E enjoyed watching it too. It’s an action packed adventure featuring a group of super heroes discovering their powers and making friends. There are tons of great characters and we all had our favourites, the children were excited to see some faces that they already knew. R’s favourite is Katana, she funky, fashionable and great with a sword. FALL15_GB&utm_content=YTblog100

There is also a great website the children can visit. You can download free printable activities, there are quizzes to find out what super hero you are like and what your powers are. There are fun games your children can play, like Flight School where you can become your favourite character and learn to fly. And R’s personal favourite, there’s a store where you can find the doll of your favourite character, add it to your wishlist and let friends and family know which one you’d like. FALL15_GB&utm_content=Siteblog100

R also noticed that there is an App for both Android and Apple, with mini-games, photo filters and a costume design class, so she is keen to try that out too.
It’s definitely a YouTube channel we’ll be subscribing to, so we can watch whenever we want to and keep up to date with all the new episodes.

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*Disclaimer – I was compensated for this review, all thoughts are my own*

13 thoughts on “DC Super Hero Girls Review and Giveaway


Great blog!!!! Not quite my cup of tea after a quick viewing but one that I can cope with and watch with the children when they’re over (if I have to!)


I’m just about to show this to my son as he loves superheroes. He’s currently dressed in a Spiderman costume!


My days of cartoon watching with my son are long over – he stopped watching them quite a few years ago now… although me, I’m still quite partial to a cartoon marathon now and then (I’ll never grow up!)

JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

My daughter used to love super heroes so I wish the super hero girls were out when she was little!

Fiona Cambouropoulos

Sounds like a great adventure sure to appeal to kids everywhere

The Mummy Diary

My daughter loves superhero’s and can often be found running around being super women, this looks like it would be great for her to watch so I will have a look at the website with her later.

Sonya Cisco

I love Super Heroes so it is great to see more female ones!


Not something that my girls have gotten into, perhaps they are too engrossed in the programs aimed for boys! I think it’s great that their are more girl super heroes though!


I downloaded the app, love their song and want Emma to get inspired by such positive role models.


What a fantastic giveaway. We love superheroes!

Izzie Anderton

It’s so lovely to see more female superheroes to inspire our daughters.


Great to see more girl superheroes

Charly Dove

These sound great although my daughter hasn’t seen them as yet, she’s still on Peppa Pig and the Octonaughts 🙂


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