Coughs, colds and chicken pox

December 20, 2015 - family, Home education, parenting, Recipes
Coughs, colds and chicken pox

We’ve had a very quiet week with all of us having a cough or a cold which seems to have been accompanied by ear ache. Little S also appears to have had a mild case of chicken pox.


Most of this week we’ve spent a lot of time at home doing winter themed crafts and baking.
We’ve baked¬†gingerbread men, made peppermint cremes, rice crispy cakes, and iced gingerbread star biscuits.


We’ve made fluffy snowmen, and gingerbread people and houses.

History has been learned by watching horrible histories, we’ve practiced our maths playing monopoly, card games and monster maths. We’ve read stories and practiced gymnastics in the living room. We had lots of fun with paint too.


We went for a lovely woodland adventure yesterday with Daddy. We found all sorts of goodies, great sticks for walking, a deer skull and foot, soft moss-covered trees and hidey holes. Plus there was lots of mud and puddles for jumping in.


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I loved the ‘winter themed’ crafts, both edible and otherwise. It must be nice to enjoy this season without the stresses so often accompanying it.


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