Growing in confidence
One thing I love about being a parent is watching my children grow in all aspects of their lives. Being with my children all day everyday I get to see all [...]
The last week
So we’re on the last full week of the summer holidays and trying to make the most of spending time with schooled friends. Not even the Great British [...]
How have we been filling our time over the last few weeks? We’ve spent lots of time with friends and neighbours. We are incredibly blessed with where [...]
A day in the life…
A few weeks ago I did my 1st guest blog for Random Musings called A day in the life of a home educator. I wrote about all the things we did in one day. Of [...]
Summer fun
We’ve had another good week this week. Relaxed but kept ourselves busy. We went to the park with Granma, played on gym equipment on the field, and [...]
What do the summer holidays mean to us?
This is our 1st summer holidays as a home educating family. I’ve been asked a few times if we’ll stop “schooling” for a few weeks [...]
New life
Daddy has been off again this week and it has given us lots of opportunities to be together. We’ve had time to sit in the garden and watch a [...]
Free to learn
The thing I love most about home educating the children is the freedom they have. Freedom to play, freedom to explore and freedom to learn. The children [...]
Inspired learning
I love finding new ways to help the children enjoy learning. Using their favourite things and making them educational. For E he loves Warhammer and he [...]
Around the world in 7 days
This week we have been working on a little project. “Visiting” a different country everyday for a week and trying out a local dish and learning [...]