What is learning?
What is learning? This is question that I have been thinking about a bit recently. R said to me, “I dont think I do any learning, should I go to [...]
Time to explore
Apologies for the quiet spell, I’ve had a few blog problems and have also been busy with the kiddies.  The cold, grey and often wet weather is [...]
Identifying signs of stress in your child (and helping them cope with it)
Today I have a  guest post from Zara Lewis, a designer, freelance writer, contributing blogger for High Style Life and full time mummy of two little ones. [...]
J is for Joy
For me joy is being with my children everyday. Watching them growing, learning and enjoying their childhoods. Having the freedom to spend whole days [...]
Blogtober – what’s in my handbag?
I have different bags for different occasions. My small “grown up” bag that I use when it’s just me. My “mum” bag, a big [...]
The Berry Saga!
My Goodness! What is it with children and the need to put things in places they really ought not to be? In this case, a berry. Day 1 So Friday we thought [...]
Adventure Wonderland
At the beginning of September Adventure Wonderland had an offer on entry price so, as the children had been asking to visit, we went along for the day. [...]
New Shoes
Buying new shoes for your child can be stressful. Finding something they like, that are comfortable, durable and within budget sometimes feels [...]
Ant World
We love all things creepy, crawly and wild. Bug hunting is often a big part of how we learn about the world. To be given the opportunity to learn about [...]
A Volcano, gardening and camp outs.
On Monday we finished off our volcano model ready to set of at group on Tuesday. We also just did some other painting together and E baked some cakes. [...]