Blogtober16 – Day 31
OK, so, Blogtober16 started really well and I was able to write everyday for a couple of weeks. Then it all went a bit wrong! I missed a couple of days, [...]
Blogtober – My Piercings and Tattoo
This post was meant for day 16 of Blogtober, but due to technical difficulties my blog went offline for 2 days. We’re back now so today I’m [...]
Blogtober – Timeline of my day
One day in our life can vary greatly from the next. During the week Daddy leaves for work at half past 6 in the morning. Sometimes one or more of us may be [...]
Blogtober – what’s in my handbag?
I have different bags for different occasions. My small “grown up” bag that I use when it’s just me. My “mum” bag, a big [...]
Blogtober – Favourite animal
What is my favourite animal? Hmmm, this is quite tricky. As a child I probably would have said that my favourite animal was a dolphin.  Clever, beautiful [...]
Blogtober – One thing I can’t live without
Ok, I’m going to assume that this doesn’t include my family… So the one thing I can’t live without is my phone. Yep, sad but true. [...]
Blogtober – Movies I never tire of watching
There are not many movies that I could watch over and over, (although with 4 small children I am often forced watch the same movie again and again!) Most [...]
Blogtober – Why I hate my husband watching me, watching TV!
So often when I’m watching TV I can feel someone watching me. Examining me. That someone would be my husband. I’ll look over at him and [...]
Blogtober – What made me start blogging?
When I started home educating my children back in January 2015 I decided blogging was a good way to let family and friends, near and far see what we got up [...]
Blogtober – My Favourite Present
Today is all about my favourite present, or should I say presents as I couldn’t pick just one. Looking back a couple of presents came to mind. When I [...]