Around the world in 7 days

June 28, 2015 - Uncategorized

This week we have been working on a little project. “Visiting” a different country everyday for a week and trying out a local dish and learning a little about the country or language. R chose the countries we were to visit using our world map and then we googled recipes and chose ones to try.
As with any trip we started at home so Monday we had good old bangers ‘n’ mash.
Tuesday we went over to Italy and had spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread. We learnt where Italy is and that they say Ciao.
Wednesday we tried the Russian dish of beef Stroganoff. I was quite surprised at how well this went down with everyone. Think this was one of the children’s favourites from the week and we’ll definitely be having it again.


On Thursday we finally got around to making sushi and the children all tried using chopsticks. We have discovered however that we are not sushi people. I’m glad we all tried it but it won’t be on the menu again.


Friday we had Fajitas which we all loved.


Saturday we had breakfast together. The girls enjoyed making croissants and pain au chocolat.


And we all enjoyed eating them.
This evening we had Paella, daddy liked this a lot, E wasn’t at all keen though.
It’s been a wonderful experience and we’d all like to do it again and maybe try different countries. The children have all been amazing in their willingness to try some new dishes.

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What a great idea to get kids tasting new foods. My daughter and I LOVE sushi, husband and son are not so keen, so she and I go out and get some occasionally as a treat so the boys don’t have to eat it!

Mrs Tubbs

Such a clever and cunning way to introduce new food.


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