And then there were 3

January 31, 2016 - family

For a large part of this week I’ve only had 3 children at home. Monday to Wednesday R stayed at Granma’s house and Thursday to Saturday S stayed at Nanny’s house. Both girls enjoyed getting lots of one to one time. R made cakes, recycled one of my old school books into a diary, played playmobil, and went out for dinner.
S went to the garden centre and played in the little soft play there, made cakes, went to the shops, and stayed up very late!


Home seemed rather quiet with just 3 children. E and S spent an evening playing playmobil together, it was really lovely to see them and we let them stay up a bit later as they were playing so nicely.


We spent time making a puppet theatre and colouring little finger puppets. We then did a little show and some songs.
E painted some dinosaur models and learnt about mixing colours to make different ones. Little S made some pictures for all the grandparents.


We met up with some of our home ed friends at soft play in the week after taking the guinea pigs to the vets to get their nails cut.
E and I have spent the last few months reading The Hobbit together and we we finished the book this week. We’ve now started The Lord of the Rings although I think it may take all year to read!


It’s been a quiet week but one I think we’ve all needed. The flowers are starting to grow in the garden and we’re looking forward to spring.


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Mrs Tubbs

That looks such a fun time. Sometimes you need a bit of peace and quiet. Snowdrops! That photo has made me so happy 🙂


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