An evening with Steve Backshall

November 21, 2015 - Home education, parenting
An evening with Steve Backshall

Last Friday evening Daddy, Granpa, Uncle C and E went on a “boy’s night out” to see the Steve Backshall Wild World tour at Salisbury City Hall. E has always loved watching Deadly 60 on CBBC and has a few Deadly 60 and other books by Steve Backshall. We kept the whole evening a surprise for E until the day of the show.

E was super excited about going out without the girls and seeing one of his hero’s.


E’s face when I told him where he was going

As I didn’t get to attend I interviewed E after the event to find out what he thought.

Me: How was your night out?

E: It was AWESOME!!

Me: What was your favourite bit?

E: Steve went to look for the biggest snake in the world (Anaconda) and a Caiman snapped at his camel guy (camera man), but he dodged it.

Me: Were there any funny bits?

E: Steve was getting pulled behind a speed boat and his shorts fell down and he flashed his butt!

Me: What else did Steve talk about?

E: He talked about saving Whales and animals


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