An afternoon at Farmer Palmers

October 13, 2018 - Home education
An afternoon at Farmer Palmers

On Tuesday we enjoyed a visit to Farmer Palmers. I knew Little S would love it there because of all the animals she would see. Upon arrival the children headed straight for the slides, whizzing down at top speed and landing in giant hay bales was great fun.


Then they spotted the sit and ride tractors and the indoor bouncy castle. We ate our picnic whilst they played. It was lovely seeing them all (even the older ones) engage in some imaginary play, filling up their plastic tractors with pretend fuel.


We then went outside to the go cart track and outdoor play area. We all took it in turns to ride the carts, changing passengers and racing each other. It was great seeing the older ones pedalling their younger siblings around the track.

I took Little S round to see the goats, alpacas, horses and ducks. She stroked as many animals as would let her, being careful not to be nibbled by the goats. Then she found some water to play in! Silly me hadn’t thought to bring a change of clothes, and she was soaked before I even knew there was water. I managed to find a pair of leggings in my bag, and she borrowed an oversized hoody from her sister, so at least she was dry.


Granma and Granpa arrived to spend some time with us. Granpa had a go racing round the track on the go carts with the children. Granma took the girls to hold some guinea pigs, there were loads to choose from.

Next the baby sheep came out for a bottle. We each had a bottle to share and feed a lamb. It’s amazing how hard they tugged on the bottle! I feel sorry for sheep mummy’s breast feeding, I thought my nipples got sore feeding haha! We also got to hand feed some goats. They were very friendly and jumped up on the benches next to us.

Granma and Granpa bought us all an ice lolly, and whilst the grown ups finished theirs the children went to play in the soft play. We were just about the very last people there and the children still didn’t want to leave. I think they would have stayed the night given the chance! Farmer Palmers definitely was, well worth the visit.

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