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We have had a fab day today. After a lovely slow start, playing, baking bread from scratch and a bit of housework (I actually reached the bottom of the laundry bin!) We headed out to Moors Valley.



In my mind this is what childhood should be like. The children got to run around and climb and play.
We went off to the adventure trail where they ran through the woods and used their imaginations to play and build. They loved being in each other’s company with no fighting or bickering. They were so happy they didn’t want to leave, so I bought a season ticket and have promised we can go back again and again.



A little team building exercise

On the way home we picked up a paddling pool which I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun in over the next few weeks. R was happy too as we replaced the broken Xbox controller so she has Minecraft back and has spent the evening designing a new house complete with built in wardrobes. They’re now all tucked up in bed so Daddy and I can sit and watch a little tv.

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What a lovely day u have all had. Can’t wait to hear all about it soon. Xxx


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