A quiet week

June 2, 2015 - Uncategorized

Feel like we’ve had quite a quiet week. It’s been half term for school, which is nice for my children as they get to see their schooled friends a little more. Unfortunately though Daddy and R have had tummy bugs so we’ve had to spend more time at home. Earlier in the week we met up with friends and went to the park. We’ve seen Granma and Granpa. Our highlight of the week though was going to Bournemouth wheels festival on Saturday.


E was particularly impressed with the monster trucks. The children enjoyed playing on the beach and having an ice cream.


We’ve also iced biscuits and done lots of craft. The children have read books to me and I’ve read books to them.


Today we went to home ed club and met up with our friends there. The children got to do a few activities and run around and play what’s the time Mr Wolf.


As well as the children learning I too have been learning. I have been using an app on my tablet called Duolingo to learn Spanish. I’m getting on quite well although sometimes struggle with possession. It’s great because I can do just ten mins a day or longer if I have time. I’m also learning new recipes as I’m trying to eat healthier and have less added sugar. I made some scrumptious truffles using a recipes I found on Pinterest this week.

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Truffles were yummy! Granma and granpa enjoyed seeing you all and I enjoyed helping big S learn what the word ‘blustery’ meant. The wind on this particular day was very helpful in this matter! Xx

Adventures in Homeschool

What a shame about the tummy bugs – those viruses ruin far too much! My fellow home ed friend has a blog all about living without sugar and she has some really good recipes on there. It may be useful for you.

Emily Davies (@emilydavies85)

Sometimes the quiet weeks are the nicest. Looks like you made the most of it when you could. 🙂


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