A lovely sunny day

June 19, 2015 - Uncategorized

What a lovely June day it has been, warm and sunny. Although we did wake to find that the boiler wasn’t working and we didn’t have any hot water. Daddy had the day off work today and had to have a cold shower! We had a nice relaxed morning having lots of cuddles with our new pets, Max and Nibbles the guinea pigs. S particularly has taken a real shine to them, especially Max.


The health visitor came over to do a two year development check up on little S. She was really lovely and we talked for quite a while. Then the boiler man came to give us back our hot water. After lunch we popped to a local pub to enjoy the sunshine and let the children play.


When we got home a couple of children had their water pistols out, so my children ran in to get theirs and join in. It ended up being a big water fight between five houses (adults too). We all had lots of fun and were thoroughly drenched.


Now daddy is cooking dinner so I can put my feet up.

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Sounds like a more relaxed and calmer day than your last trip out with the children. I’m glad. It’s lovely to hear of small communities being that, a community. It is good when adults and children all play together, the children can learn so much, good and bad, from seeing how the adults interact with both each other and them. I’m sure, knowing you and your neighbours that it was a positive and beneficial experience for all. :o)


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