A lot of appointments

April 15, 2016 - family

Monday morning E and I headed off to collect Granma on our way to a hospital appointment. Daddy had wanted to come but because of ongoing car trouble he had to stay at home with the girls. E coped surprisingly well at the hospital as we spent almost an hour talking about him. We now have more assessments over the coming months to try and find ways of helping him to cope with his Autism.
After his appointment we went to the cafe for lunch and then popped into Poole to look at a couple of shops. We met a homeless man and his dog in the car park, stopped to talk to him and bought him and his dog some lunch. This seemed to really get Elijah thinking, he spoke a lot about it when he got home.
We dropped Granma home and I rushed home to get S for her speech therapy appointment. She’s doing really well and is beginning to be able to say “f” in words. After speech therapy I took the dog for a walk and made dinner with help from the small ones.
Tuesday morning was an early start as Little S had an appointment for her speech therapy assessment at 9:15. She was very good and enjoyed playing with the toy farm. I was very impressed with the way the speech therapist got Little S to say sounds, she also signed every time she spoke to her. I got lots of ideas on how to help Little S with her speech whilst we await some therapy sessions.


Straight after speech therapy we grabbed the rest of the children and headed to home ed club where we made musical instruments and played with lots of friends.
I spent lots of time in the garden with the younger girls, we re-potted some tomatoes that S has been growing from seed. We planted some bits out in the garden that no longer needed to be in the greenhouse. We also played in the fort with E and had an epic battle fending off imaginary enemies from raiding our base. When our friends finished school we went up to the big park together with dogs. The children had fun being penguins, sliding down the skate ramp.


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Cool times. Love the penguins bit.
I love hearing about all of their adventures (and mummys too!)


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