A day in London part 2, Natural History Museum

October 15, 2018 - Home education
A day in London part 2, Natural History Museum

On Wednesday the older girls and I spent the day in London. After the Youth for Music Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall we went to the Natural History Museum. There was so much to look at we didn’t know where to start. S thought it would be good to start at the top and work our way down.

There was everything from fossils and skeletons, to rocks and crystals. The crystals were amazing, they were every colour imaginable and there were even some that looked furry. We enjoyed seeing the Dodo skeleton, and talked a little about extinction.

Dodo skeleton

A member of staff brought round a real tiger sharks jaw. We got to feel how sharp it’s teeth were. It was fascinating seeing all the rows of new teeth waiting to replace any that were lost during hunting.

We went through part of the human biology section. R got a little embarrassed by all the focus on reproduction, especially the model on the wall of intercourse! We did enjoy looking through the microscope at the liver cells though.

R particularly liked the dinosaur section, with moving robotic dinosaurs, full size skeletons and lots more it was very interesting. I think R would have happily spend another hour or more looking around the Natural History Museum but S was getting tired. We had done a fair bit of walking so decided to get an ice cream and head to Hyde Park.

Even though there are maps throughout Hyde Park we still managed to get lost, spending ages walking through the park. I hadn’t realised how big it was. There were squirrels galore, we also saw a bright green parrot fly over a couple of times. We found 2 swing parks and the girls had a paddle in the Princess Diana memorial fountain.

By 5pm we were pooped and made our way back to the underground and to Waterloo station. We grabbed some sandwiches for the long ride home and collapsed onto the train. A very long, tiring but fun day in London completed.


One thought on “A day in London part 2, Natural History Museum


Your day sounds simply amazing! What a wonderful experience for you all & an amazing way to learn so much for the girls.
I think you are very brave doing all that travelling with 2 little-ish girls to a place you haven’t been for very many years & never as a lone adult. I you are an amazing mummy & teacher.


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