A day in London part 1, Music for Youth Primary Proms

October 14, 2018 - Home education
A day in London part 1, Music for Youth Primary Proms

For the first time in their little lives R & S got to visit London on Wednesday. We had tickets to the Music for Youth Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. We were up before dawn and raced out the door so as not to miss our train. Driving down country roads and watching the sun rise was quite spectacular. The train ride from Salisbury to Waterloo was long, but we passed the time with games of hangman and noughts & crosses (tic tac toe), as well as munching on jam sandwiches.

Next came the underground! I’ve never attempted the underground by myself so I was really nervous. Thankfully we did it, including a change a Piccadilly circus. Arriving at Knightsbridge we walked the few minutes to the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a very impressive building. During the course of our morning we learnt a lot about it. Did you know that it took 6 million bricks and 80’000 blocks to build? Or that there are 9’999 pipes on the organ, making it one of the largest in the world. There are also 135 “mushrooms” hanging from the ceiling that were installed in 1969 to improve the sound.

We were sat right at the top which gave us a great view of the whole concert hall. The Music for Youth Primary Proms were brilliant, there were so many different styles not just traditional classical music. The girls favourite act was the steel drum band, R also really loved Vocalize. My favourite was Moon River by the sting orchestra. After the concert the girls and I headed to Pizza Express for a very yummy lunch.

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