A winter week

January 11, 2016 - Home education, parenting

One thing I’ve discovered since home educating, especially in the winter months, is that the days all seem to blend into one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it makes it difficult remembering what we did on what days!

Last week we went to home ed group on Tuesday, I know it was Tuesday because it’s always on a Tuesday. It was in a new hall, a hall with fantastic outside space. There is also a swing park just outside. We’re really looking forward to exploring this new area. At club the children enjoyed making sweets, painting pasta necklaces, playing together and getting exceedingly muddy in the park.

As for the rest of the week, the older 2 had their hair cut, and we’ve spent lots of time playing with Poppy.


She was happy, honest!

E made some chocolate chip cookies, the best chocolate chip cookies I have had in a long time! We used a basic shortbread recipe which we adapted a little. Delicious.

Thursday afternoon we had some home ed friends round to play. A little girl to play with my little two and two older boys who got on really well with my older two.

Granma and Aunty A popped round for lunch one day, homemade leek and potato soup and homemade granary bread rolls.

The rest of the week we’ve spent time reading, playing, R has been practising her typing and spelling on the PC with a new game she’s discovered, whilst E has been learning about DNA and dinosaurs.

We have a few things to look forward to this week including soft play and pizza making.

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The lunch of leak, potato & stilton soup with freshly baked & still warm, granary rolls was delicious. I enjoyed my game with E, I always love any game where a castle is involved!
Meeting the new puppy & having a cuddle was a lovely treat. I look forward to hearing how the pizza making goes next week.


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