End of term

So it is now officially the summer holidays, our past week has been filled with end of term activities. Trips to the park, picnics and parties. We’ve met with lots of other home educating families and the children have made new friends as well as playing with old ones.

A few of us playing pass the parcel
A few of us playing pass the parcel

At our last home ed group of the school year on Tuesday, we had an end of term party with pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey. We enjoyed some party food together and had a water fight at the park. All the children received a party bag too.

Bubbles in the park
Bubbles in the park

Yesterday a very young baby bird fell from it’s nest landing behind us. The nest was too high to return the bird, and the bird was too young to leave so we took it home in the hope of hand-rearing it. We made it a nest out of hay and feathers, and with some advice managed to feed it but sadly it didn’t survive. Little S was devastated, although in many ways it was a great learning experience for all

the children.

R feeding the baby bird
R feeding the baby bird

Today we spent time at Granma’s having lunch and playing, afterwards we went food shopping. I genuinely enjoy shopping with the children (most of the time) they like to help read the shopping list, look for items, and hunt for bargains and special offers. They like to add up the value of various products and work out the savings on offers. We also enjoy looking for new foods to try and new ideas of ways to cook our favourite foods.

We’re looking forward to spending lots of time with schooled friends, exploring new places and trying new things over the next few weeks.



Sports Day Anarchy

Tuesday was Sports Day at home ed group. We started the session with some free play, and some medal painting for those that missed out last week. Once everyone had arrived we headed out to the field to our sporty activities. We had a beanbag toss, skipping race, egg and spoon race, football and Rounders.

The egg and spoon race was particularly funny, we started with 6 hard-boiled eggs and finished with one! There was plenty of cheating, running too far,  and dropping of eggs. Of course once the shells were broken it was only right that the eggs be consumed, I saw Little S eating at least one!

Sports Day

Skipping can be a little tricky at the best of times, but skipping and moving forward at the same time, well… We enjoyed playing Rounders , although I must admit that I am not the best bowler. R hit some great shots, her hand-eye coordination is impressive. After our sports day, which by all accounts was complete anarchy but a great deal of fun, we went to the park to play before finishing for lunch.


The older two girls had their tennis lesson in the afternoon and received a brand new tennis racket each. They practised their volley’s, both front and backhanded, and did really well. We also learned the names of all the lines of the tennis court, something I didn’t know before hand either.

It was a really great, chaotic, fun and sporty day.