Monthly Archives: May 2016

A Volcano, gardening and camp outs.
On Monday we finished off our volcano model ready to set of at group on Tuesday. We also just did some other painting together and E baked some cakes. [...]
Board games and festivals
This week we’ve spent a lot of time playing various board games, I got some of my old board games out of Granma’s loft too. I’ve taught E [...]
My baby is three!
Can you believe my smallest baby is three?! My funny, crazy little pickle is three. Little S is beyond doubt the funny one of the bunch, she is totally [...]
Archaeology club and the stone age
Today R had a trip with Archaeology club to Stonehenge, I was fortunate enough to be able to stay and join in. We started off by looking around the replica [...]
Friends and Romans
On Tuesday a group of us met at a new hall, it was a gorgeous hall with an amazing play park and sports ground. The children had a whale of a time, they [...]
All about S
  Five years ago today I gave birth to my beautiful S, of all my children she was the only surprise baby but she has brought me so much joy. She is a [...]
The sun is finally shining!
Just a few days ago we had snow and now we have glorious sunshine! We’re enjoying being outside as much as we can, but I have been really bad at [...]
Going self hosted
You may have noticed some changes to my blog recently especially those reading from a PC. The reason is I’ve recently gone self hosted, something I [...]
Museum trip and good company
On Friday some of the local schools had an inset day and one of the children’s friends asked if she could spend the day with us and be home ed for a [...]