A day at Stonehenge

Today we had a trip booked to visit Stonehenge with a group of other home educators. As R loves history I knew it would be more of interest to her than the others, although we all able to enjoy different parts of our day.


Once we had arrived we had time sit and eat our picnic before we went to see the stones. The children were quite excited to go on a bus from the visitor centre to the stones. It was really busy with visitors from all over the world.


After a short walk we stopped to learn about the henge, it is actually the trench around the stones and not the stones themselves that is the henge. We learned that the trench would have been dug with deer antlers, and we able to pass around an antler to look at.

We learned about the stones, how they were moved and about other aspects of the stone age. After we’d walked all around the stones we went over to look at the barrows.

We found out that a barrow was grave for an important person like a king or warrior, and their possessions. The barrows were built after the stones were placed, and from the bronze age. We looked at replica bronze age tools, weapons and pottery.


We then headed back to the bus and the visitor centre. At the visitor centre there is a small mock village of thatched cob houses. We were able to look in and around some of the houses, and find out all about them. R told me all about how cob houses are built.


The children all had a go at trying to pull one of the stones. They found out that each stone would require around 100 strong men to pull it long.


After lots of walking around, fresh air and learning the children were getting tired so we made our way home to make some curry for dinner.

DC Super Hero Girls Review and Giveaway

Having four children I’ve often been subjected to watched many, many different children’s TV programmes. Some I’ve loved and others I’ve loathed. Now the children are getting a little older I’m enjoying more of what they’re interested in. When I was asked to review the new DC Super Hero Girls from Warner Brothers, I thought it sounded great and was looking forward to sharing it with my children (being a bit of a geek I love all things super hero!).
I sat down with R to watch and we were both impressed; it’s not just for girls either, E enjoyed watching it too. It’s an action packed adventure featuring a group of super heroes discovering their powers and making friends. There are tons of great characters and we all had our favourites, the children were excited to see some faces that they already knew. R’s favourite is Katana, she funky, fashionable and great with a sword.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdVJ9XqHCb6BqApCIO_TYg?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Web&utm_campaign=DCG FALL15_GB&utm_content=YTblog100

There is also a great website the children can visit. You can download free printable activities, there are quizzes to find out what super hero you are like and what your powers are. There are fun games your children can play, like Flight School where you can become your favourite character and learn to fly. And R’s personal favourite, there’s a store where you can find the doll of your favourite character, add it to your wishlist and let friends and family know which one you’d like.

http://www.dcsuperherogirls.com/en-gb?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Web&utm_campaign=DCG FALL15_GB&utm_content=Siteblog100

R also noticed that there is an App for both Android and Apple, with mini-games, photo filters and a costume design class, so she is keen to try that out too.
It’s definitely a YouTube channel we’ll be subscribing to, so we can watch whenever we want to and keep up to date with all the new episodes.

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*Disclaimer – I was compensated for this review, all thoughts are my own*

What a difference the sunshine makes

We have had a wonderful few days enjoying spring and the sunshine. Monday we met up with a couple of other home educating families at Moors Valley. We played, climbed, went on swing, made bows and arrows with sticks we found, we had stick sword fights, and cooked pretend spaghetti in a wet ditch. The children played, learned and socialised happily and naturally for over 3 hours.
When we got home we watched a dinosaur film together and until our school friends got home, then it was out to play again.


Yesterday we went food shopping together and the children chose what they’d like for lunch, this included tiger paw crusty rolls, a watermelon and 3 punnets of strawberries! R may have snuck in a box of ice lollies too. After shopping we went to Granma’s house to eat lunch and play together. The children spent the afternoon and evening outside with friends on their bikes and at the park.


Today we played monopoly and a shopping game, then S made pancakes for everyones breakfast. After breakfast we did some housework and hung washing out on the line. R played Greek Mythology Minecraft and E played Warhammer on the pc.


We had some lunch then headed off to big park with Poppy. R took some books, a notebook, pen, bubbles and a skipping rope with us. We played together, R did reading and writing in the sunshine, and we chased butterflies and bubbles.


When we got home we went foraging in the garden for stinging nettles and made some nettle soup. We will be trying some with our dinner later.


Right now I’m sitting in the sun writing whilst the children play with friends. It’s pure bliss. I could get used to this sunshine!

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig

Wednesday I’d organised a visit to Paultons Park for over 20 home educated children and their parents. We were up early to have breakfast, get ready and drop Poppy dog at a friend’s house for the day. As we’re still having car trouble Daddy took the girls in his car and a friend collected E and I. E Sat with his friend on the way there and they chatted.
On arrival Daddy told me he had been talking to Mark Owen for Take That in the queue and hadn’t even realised! In the park we went off in smaller groups and headed to our favourite rides. I was made to go on all the scary rides by R. I did take the 3 older ones on one particularly big rollercoaster (by request). R loved it, S didn’t like it and E cried all the way around. I felt very sorry for him as he had been so excited waiting to go on, we all told him afterwards how brave he had been to try.


Whilst coming off a ride with R, I bumped into Mark Owen when he dropped something. I was terribly British and apologised for walking into him. (So there’s my claim to fame, haha!) All morning we had glorious sunshine and it was really warm. As we were eating our lunch a big grey cloud came over, the heavens opened and we got drenched.


We headed over to the soft play in Peppa Pig where it seemed everyone else had had the same idea. Daddy took one look inside and decided he’d rather brave the rain and take advantage of the lack of queues. He took Little S on 5 rides and enjoyed some one-to-one time with her.


After the rain we went off in search of more rides and some ice cream. We saw emu, pelicans and flamingos along the way. To finish the day we stopped off at the splash park. The kids had great fun getting cold and wet.


All in all it was a great day out, even though someone drove into the back of my friends car on our way home!

A lot of appointments

Monday morning E and I headed off to collect Granma on our way to a hospital appointment. Daddy had wanted to come but because of ongoing car trouble he had to stay at home with the girls. E coped surprisingly well at the hospital as we spent almost an hour talking about him. We now have more assessments over the coming months to try and find ways of helping him to cope with his Autism.
After his appointment we went to the cafe for lunch and then popped into Poole to look at a couple of shops. We met a homeless man and his dog in the car park, stopped to talk to him and bought him and his dog some lunch. This seemed to really get Elijah thinking, he spoke a lot about it when he got home.
We dropped Granma home and I rushed home to get S for her speech therapy appointment. She’s doing really well and is beginning to be able to say “f” in words. After speech therapy I took the dog for a walk and made dinner with help from the small ones.
Tuesday morning was an early start as Little S had an appointment for her speech therapy assessment at 9:15. She was very good and enjoyed playing with the toy farm. I was very impressed with the way the speech therapist got Little S to say sounds, she also signed every time she spoke to her. I got lots of ideas on how to help Little S with her speech whilst we await some therapy sessions.


Straight after speech therapy we grabbed the rest of the children and headed to home ed club where we made musical instruments and played with lots of friends.
I spent lots of time in the garden with the younger girls, we re-potted some tomatoes that S has been growing from seed. We planted some bits out in the garden that no longer needed to be in the greenhouse. We also played in the fort with E and had an epic battle fending off imaginary enemies from raiding our base. When our friends finished school we went up to the big park together with dogs. The children had fun being penguins, sliding down the skate ramp.


April showers

Saturday R had Archeology club where she learned all about bones. As I’ve done the past few months I spent the duration of her club having a little one to one with one of the other children. It was little S’s turn so we went for a drink and a cake at a cafe. Little S needed some new shoes so we went to Clark’s  to get her feet measured. The only shoes she wanted to get were blue “raar” (aka dinosaur) shoes like her big brother’s. Thankfully they had them in her size. Sunday we spent the afternoon at Nanny and Granddad’s house and went to the park.


Monday we made the most out of having a car and went grocery shopping. The children all helped find items from the list, look for special offers and chose meals for the week ahead. After shopping we went to Granma’s house for and a play. We played board games together and spent time chatting to Granma. From Granma’s we went to S’s speech therapy. S is doing really well and her speech is certainly clearer. S read Little S a bedtime story by herself.



Tuesday we spent the morning in the garden, played with the guinea pigs and took the dog for a walk. Despite the glorious sunshine when left the house, we managed to get caught a hail storm and had to take shelter at the skate park. (Thankfully we had taken snacks) We spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden and playing with friends and icing biscuits.


Today S made pancakes for breakfast, getting out all the ingredients and measuring them out (without a recipe) by herself. After a clean up we did some painting together.


We took the dog for a walk, managing to avoid the frequent and brief April showers and then came home for lunch. The children played whilst I did a bit of housework then S helped make tacos for dinner and R made some gingerbread men.
Although we are car less this week we are keeping busy.

Fire hoses at the ready!

On Wednesday we went on a trip to a local fire station. It was organised by another home educating mum and proved extremely popular. I have honestly never seen so many home educated children (and their parents) in one place before. We had to be separated into four groups for the activities.


Our first activity was trying out the fire hoses. We found out how much water a fire engine can hold and where and what fire hydrants are. We were then able to use the small black hose to shoot down a target.


Next we had to rescue Blaze Bear as he  jumped from the fireman’s ladder, (we missed him the first time so had to try again!) Our group then got to look at a fireman’s outfit and learn how it keeps them safe.


Our last and probably favourite activity was to have a ride in the fire engine. Lights on and sirens blaring.


After we thanked all the firemen for a wonderful morning we headed over to the swing park for a picnic and a well deserved play.


We all had a truly fantastic day.

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