Monthly Archives: January 2016

And then there were 3
For a large part of this week I’ve only had 3 children at home. Monday to Wednesday R stayed at Granma’s house and Thursday to Saturday S [...]
What a year!
This time last year the children were still in school. And they were miserable. The daily tears, the tummy aches, the sleepless nights and bad dreams. [...]
Everyday maths and fun
One of my favourite things about home educating the children is being able to spend so much quality time with each of them. This morning I sat on the sofa [...]
Pizza, soft play and romans
Living in the countryside it’s amazing how easy it is to clock up the miles driving from place to place. Tuesday we met up with some home ed friends [...]
A winter week
One thing I’ve discovered since home educating, especially in the winter months, is that the days all seem to blend into one. That’s not [...]
A new addition
Back in November a fellow home educating mummy posted some pictures of her dog’s nine new born puppies. Instantly the children, hubby and I fell in [...]