Monthly Archives: December 2015

Skylanders, My Little Ponies and cosy days.
The last couple of weeks we’ve spent a lot of time snuggled up at home away from the ghastly weather. So far we’re fairing quite well, just the [...]
Coughs, colds and chicken pox
We’ve had a very quiet week with all of us having a cough or a cold which seems to have been accompanied by ear ache. Little S also appears to have [...]
Wordless Wednesday 16/12/15
All about R (8 already!)
This weekend saw my eldest turn 8. 8! Can you believe it? It barely seems 8 minutes since she was born, let alone years. She has grown into such a [...]
Safeguarding your child on YouTube
As a parent and a home educator, YouTube can be an invaluable resource. My children watch anything from Russian children’s T.V. programmes, or [...]
Stick man, birds and musical instruments
This morning started frosty but the sun was shining, so after breakfast we wrapped up and put on our wellies to go exploring. When we arrived at Moors [...]
Puppies and snowmen
Saturday evening we surprised the children, we sat them all down in the evening and showed them a video of nine, 2 week old puppies. The children all [...]
December beginsĀ 
We’ve had some really good times this week, soft play with friends Monday afternoon. Home ed club Tuesday morning, making towers out of sweets and [...]