Monthly Archives: November 2015

Today we decided to take the children swimming. I’d found out that a local pool had one of those giant inflatable obstacle courses which sounded like [...]
Grey skies and rainbows
Last night we left R at Nanny’s after swimming for a double sleepover. I know she’ll love it, lots of attention and plenty of spoiling too. [...]
Marble runs and bakingĀ 
This week the children have enjoyed making a marble run at home ed club with the other children, playing with Hama beads and meeting an eight week old [...]
An evening with Steve Backshall
Last Friday evening Daddy, Granpa, Uncle C and E went on a “boy’s night out” to see the Steve Backshall Wild World tour at Salisbury City [...]
Vegan Ginger Cake
To celebrate World Vegan Month the girls and I made a vegan ginger cake. I’m not vegan, I’m vegetarian but I don’t eat eggs (I [...]
Why I let my children talk to strangers
I used to worry that my children talked to anyone and everyone, I mean what if someone takes them. Now though? I think it’s fantastic that my [...]
Grey Days
I’m really not fond of grey, wet days. The odd one or two I can cope with but when it goes on for a week or more I get rather miserable and a tad [...]
I am your Parent
A home educating family – A guest post by Granma
I am the grandparent of home educated children ages 7, 6, 4 & 2. To be honest, when my daughter said 10 months ago that she was taking the two older [...]
Under the microscope
After a “not so great” start to the week, (with my car failing miserably on it’s MOT and leaving me car-less) we managed to get to [...]