Monthly Archives: October 2015

October half term
So this week all the local schools are off and that, of course, means that the weather has turned and it’s rained most if the week! So what have we [...]
A Dinner Party
A few weeks ago I hosted a dinner party for a few friends, this gave R an idea for a project. She would host her own dinner party. She set about working [...]
One of those days!
Today was one of those days that you walk down the stairs narrowly avoiding the little parcel of poo that your potty training toddler has left there, and [...]
Crafty Owls
It’s wet and miserable outside today, so we decided to do some craft. S had asked if we could use the empty toilet paper rolls that we seemed to have [...]
Silent Sunday 18th October
I’m linking up with jibberjabberuk #sundaysnap
Swing parks and science.
We’re trying to make the most of the weather before it gets too cold and wet. We’ve been enjoying swing parks a lot this week. We’ve [...]
When it goes wrong!
It seems Autumn is here, the air is decidedly cooler, the leaves are changing and falling, and the evenings are much darker. This week began rather wet and [...]
My top 5 home educating essentials
When I started home educating I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d need. I stocked up on various workbooks, a set of reading books, and lots of [...]