Monthly Archives: June 2015

Around the world in 7 days
This week we have been working on a little project. “Visiting” a different country everyday for a week and trying out a local dish and learning [...]
Sunny outings
What a gorgeous couple of days we’ve had. Yesterday the children and I picked up Aunty A (who is now on maternity leave) and headed to Hengistbury [...]
A lovely sunny day
What a lovely June day it has been, warm and sunny. Although we did wake to find that the boiler wasn’t working and we didn’t have any hot [...]
I’m not one to grumble or vent on social media particularly and I love to focus on the good bits. Today though, has not been the best day and I feel [...]
We have had a fab day today. After a lovely slow start, playing, baking bread from scratch and a bit of housework (I actually reached the bottom of the [...]
A nature day
Today we decided to head out with the new fishing net and see what we could find. The children had great fun splashing in the river, swinging on the rope [...]
Meeting Peppa
Today I took the children to Paultons Park. It was just the 5 of us. The children were so excited, we went to Peppa Pig world, went on rides, saw lots of [...]
A really lovely day
Two posts in two days is rare for me! After a really quiet week we’ve quite a productive (and sunny) day. S had her last day at preschool so is now [...]
A quiet week
Feel like we’ve had quite a quiet week. It’s been half term for school, which is nice for my children as they get to see their schooled friends [...]